Merchants NFT
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Diving into the roadmap

Diving into the roadmap.
The art
The art of merchants is inspired by the 19th century traders who fueled the industrial revolution.
We see obvious the historical parallelism with the blockchain revolution that we live in the 21st century. And just like what happened with those nineteenth-century traders, it is the investors, small and large, who finance technological advances with their capital. Merchants is, in short, a tribute to all blockchain traders.
The process of creating the art has taken 6 months, since we attach great importance to it. Here a explanation about how merchants NFTs had been created: - The creation process had been a mix between handicraft and randomly generation. We keep a part of random generation to avoid a bias in the choice and uniformity in the NFTs giving it little variety and thus being able to discover new combinations. - But for keep a really high standard in THE WHOLE collection, we divided the generation into 36 different categories of attributes. Yes, 36, that had been lot of work. XD. In this way we has success get all the attributes to go with the layer combinations that suit the best. - At same time, this 36 categories had been created with a combination of layers. Just an example, the category of be_spokesuit has a total number of 126 traits mixing a total of 60 background and 40 suits. We have done this so the combination between the clothes of the merchants and the background is harmonious, avoiding ugly color combinations. In general it has been a complex process, but we are sure it will be worth it because we have managed to ensure that each and every one of the 4444 merchants maintain an exceptional average level. Although I can tell you that there are some more special than others.
Why do we think art is so important? Art is the cover letter of an NFT, it is what I personally call "Proof of Work" A declaration of intent that we have come to work hard and stay. Now you all are aware about how every single merchant is.
In the merchants team we are firm believers in the strength and power of PFP collections. If you dive into any blockchain, the number one ranked project by both FP and capitalization, with no exceptions, is always a PFP project. This is due to the need and human instinct to group around recognizable symbols for the rest. It has been like this since the beginning of humanity and the NFT phenomenon is nothing more than an evolution of it.
For all this, art in Merchants is an important and fundamental part. Our goal has always been to be a TOP project within the solana NFTs ecosystem and for this, creating a unique image and branding is essential.
Likewise, we detect a gap in the NFTs collections so far of historical concepts and traits, and it is something we have worked extensively on.
Merchant NFT
How will be the minting funds allocated?
Trading bots
Project development
Launcher fees
Merchants is being minting in different mint waves. To keep the initial supply (4445) without lower the mintings price is key to develop the project with long term goals. The prices of the different waves of minting will be maintained or increased (also depending on the price of SOL in the market). With this we manage not to dilute the capital and revenues of those who previously invested in the project.
Trading profits distribution
Bot maintenance
Community trading capital
By distributing 75% of the profits from the bot among the community, we ensure that we maintain the value and interest of the collection in the long term, beyond specific hype monies.
Re-investing 15% of the profits on the current capital, will make both this and the profits grow exponentially.
Only 10% of the profits are destined to the maintenance of the bot, which includes the payment to its developers.
The bots and the trading system.
We currently have two fully operational trading bots.
Flipper for BTC/USD pair and flipper for ETH/USD.
Before going on to give in detail the results of the bots several considerations about the them:
  • Both bots work for swing trading, that is, they are always operational but open and close positions in the medium term. This has been shown to be more efficient in terms of ROI than other bots we have tested that work intraday.
  • The bots have been tested on tradingview for about two years. This gives security to both the community and future investors that the system is perfectly tested and works.
  • The bots are built on their own indicators. This means that this specific strategy is not publicly available and that those who own merchants are accessing a private trading system.
  • The indicators have been developed by highly professional and experienced developers and traders. The system is not based on price action, which is the basis of most systems and indicators offered by the market and have proven to be highly ineffective. The indicators work on both absolute and relative volume data, which is what really moves the markets.
Bots performance
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All the data that is exposed below is extracted from tradingview. This means that they are not the team's own predictions or estimated forecast. This is real information generated by tradingview on the backtest carried out for almost two years.
The exposed data corresponds exclusively to spot positions. The Merchants team reserves the right to trade spot or derivatives depending on market conditions and opportunities.
The included performance charts also belong to tradingview. Being the data extracted from tradingview and following the backtest in operation, there may be a minimal discrepancy between the exposed data and the screenshots since tradingview constantly updates all the information.
  • BTC/USD PERFORMANCE (Data updated at 10/09/2022)
Performance summary only SPOT BTC/USD contract:
Net profit: 1387.6%
Gross profit: 1542.37%
Max run up: 93.62%
Serial max losses: 13.05%
Buy and hold performance: 184.14%
Sharpe ratio: 0.287
Sortino ratio: 11.31
Profit factor: 9,965
Max contracts number: 7
Open losses and wins: 0%
Paid fees (In a backtest with a simulation of $10,000): $743.29
Total closed transactions: 20
Transactions with positive balance: 15
Transactions with negative balance: 5
Return percentage: 75%
Average transactions: 41.17%
Average winning trades: 56.89%
Average loser trades: 5.99%
Mean gain/loss ratio: 3,322
Biggest yield trade: 261.04%
Biggest loss trade: 13.02%
Average candlestick by transaction: 314
Average candlestick by transaction with negative results: 361
Average candlestick by transaction with positive results: 171
Data at 15/09/2022
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Data at 15/09/2022
  • ETH/USD PERFORMANCE (Data updated at 10/09/2022)
Performance summary only SPOT ETH/USD contract:
Net profit: 2281.61%
Gross profit: 2,293, 46%
Max run up: 98.8%
Serial max losses: 9.58%
Buy and hold performance: 950.29%
Sharpe ratio: 0.306
Sortino ratio: 82.69
Profit factor: 193,466
Max contracts number: 147
Open losses and wins: 3.67%
Paid fees (In a backtest with a simulation of 10,000 USD): 770.36 USD
Total closed transactions: 14
Transactions with positive balance: 12
Transactions with negative balance: 2
Return percentage: 85.71%
Average transactions: 73.92%
Average winning trades: 86.34%
Average loser trades: 0.58%
Mean gain/loss ratio: 32.244
Biggest yield trade: 270.96%
Biggest loss trade: 0.58%
Average candlestick by transaction: 409
Average candlestick by transaction with negative results: 456
Average candlestick by transaction with positive results: 125
Data at 15/09/2022
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Data at 15/09/2022
Opening flipper bots to private capital
In this first stage of the project, the flipper bots will be used exclusively to trade with the fund of the different minting, in addition to that 15% of the profits that will be automatically added to the trading capital.
In a second stage of the project, the natural evolution is to open options so that private capital both inside and outside the community can make use of the bots, thus achieving the project's two main objectives: Attract capital to the community's treasury, that part of the profits generated will go to it and attract attention and purchase on the NFTs merchants, since it will be necessary to have a certain number of them to access the trading bots.
How will it work?
Both NFTs projects and private individuals will be able to access the bot's API to manage their treasuries and generate profits from it with the following conditions:
  • They must have a minimum capital in their trader account to access the bots.
  • They must have in their wallet and maintain a certain number of Merchants NFTs (TBD depending on the value of both merchants and SOL).
  • They will pay 20% of their profits to merchants as cost of the service. This will apply only in case of profit (Never on the main capital) and the balance of the trading account will be calculated monthly from its integration.
  • That 20% of the profits on foreign capital will be distributed as follows:
Bot maintenance
Community trading treasury
Project treasury
In short, this will increase both the intrinsic value of the NFT as investors will need to hold it in their wallets as well as capitalize the community's trading account with that extra 5%.
The chamber DAO
The chamber DAO is the strong core of the merchant community and is made up of those who have given early support to the project or have made significant contributions to it.
  • The maximum number of members will be 100 for life and is not expandable.
  • The DAO chamber will receive for life, 1% of the total secondary royalties that will be sent to a joint DAO account.
  • All members of the DAO chamber will receive an NFT in the form of a 3D whiskey bottle. This NFT will be needed to access the DAO. The bottle will be listed on secondary markets, so the member who sells it will lose their place in the DAO giving entry to the new owner of the NFT. Whether or not to sell the NFT of the bottle is left to the complete freedom of the DAO members.
Web 3 and web 2 partnership and integrations
Reaching agreements with other web 3 projects as well as with established companies from both the crypto industry and other industries in the economy outside of crypto is and will be a priority for Merchants both now and in the future.
In compliance with this, a collaboration agreement has been closed with the MEXC global cryptocurrency exchange. ( https://www.mexc.com).
This agreement with MEXC will provide advantages to those holders of merchants within the exchange platform. In addition, all the money that is collected through the fees of those who join the exchange through merchants will go directly to the community trader account. This means that the more we expand the name of merchants and the more people enjoy the code, the more the joint the community trading account will increase.
All the details of the agreement with MECX will be announced on our social networks.
This is just the first step in a long-term strategy of collaborations, as we believe that web3 provides a world of integration opportunities between the crypto/nft community and businesses from all industries.
About this, we believe that the experience of the team in economic business outside of crypto will be key, since its members have developed years of management in the same in sectors such as communication or sports sponsorship.
NFTs and crypto tools.
The team is currently making the first NFT trading tools. We know that it is a market with a lot of competition and, in any case, our core business is and will be to create a reliable and profitable community of traders, but the creation of tools that make it easier to trade crypto/NFTs will help visibility and expansion of the project as well as will clearly be an added value for our community.