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Why invest in Merchants

Although in the medium and long term the development of the NFT industry is in its infancy, in the short term the market is clearly saturated and competition is fierce.
These are the differential points of Merchants over its competition and the reasons why it is a good investment in the long term.
Experienced and privately doxxed team.
The core team of merchants has extensive experience in business inside and outside the crypto industry, which includes managing several companies and closing agreements with important entities in the sports, communications or crypto sector. In addition, it is a team with the vital and work experience necessary to manage a company, a lack that we see in many current NFT projects.
Also, the CEO of merchants has been privately doxxed with Alder Mages (https://twitter.com/AlderMages) and Fellowship launchpad ( https://twitter.com/FellowshipDAO) to ensure the community investment.
True long-term value and sustainability of the project.
Long-term, sustainability, development... These are concepts that are constantly repeated in NFT projects, but even so, we constantly see many of them disappear without giving explanations to their investors.
What makes merchant different and why is it really a long-term sustainable project.
  • The income of merchants will not depend exclusively on minting and secondary royalties. In addition to these incomes, Merchants will count with incomes generated by the bot once it is enabled for private capital as well as for the community trading account as well as income derived from agreements and development such as income from affiliation with MEXC. This is a perfectly scalable and exponential business model, since the bot can be installed in countless trading accounts, and also as well as Merchants will continue to close agreements with companies in the sector and outside of it.
  • The crypto market is permanent, 24/7 and trading is done regardless of bullish or bearish market. This is a fundamental point. We see that the majority of NFT projects that offer passive income do so with systems that are highly dependent on the timing of the NFT market. This industry is so early, and so little extended so far, that these business models have difficulty ensuring sustainability over time even with the best of intentions. In contrast to this, cryptocurrency trading is a market open 24/7 and with a extensive capitalization. In addition, professional trading ensures activity regardless of whether we find a bullish or bearish market. Finally, crypto asset trading is already the main economic activity of the coreteam, with the creation of merchants we have expanded our activity to web 3 integration and opened the door to those investors who do not know or do not want to trade on their own.
An NFT model that tries to differentiate itself and create paths.
Although the NFT industry is advancing by leaps and bounds and we are aware that similar projects will appear in the future, from the beginning we have been determined to create a well-differentiated NFT.
This starts with the art, which was created with the intention of having an original and easily recognizable style. We know that in the long run, this will make a difference, as Merchants' art style is hard to copy.
Likewise, it continues with the usefulness and approach of the project in its current phase. Actions such as the agreement with MEXC or the future capitalization of flippers bots only show that our project model does not want to be closed in the NFT space. in this sense, there is an action plan for the future that will be implemented little by little as possible but that will point in that direction. We are convinced that the future of NFTs and web3 is to serve as a bridge between the different industries of the economy.
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