Merchants NFT
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Merchants introduction

Merchants introduction.
Why Merchants
Merchants was conceived with the idea of ​​bringing together within web 3 a strong and united community of crypto and NFTS traders. With the number of investment groups and communities in the crypto environment, it is almost impossible to differentiate quality ones from those that are fraudulent or simply inefficient. In this scenario, web 3 offers the perfect opportunity to build a serious and profitable community.
The team
The Merchants core team:
Dux_ Camarilla.
An entrepreneur since 2015, Dux has lived in three different continents and speaks Spanish, English and Mandarin Chinese.
Worked for several years in publishing industry after finished his Publishing education at university.
He lived in China for 7 years where opened two companies both related to sport management. With these companies, it closed agreements with clubs of the Spanish first division or Chinese local government entities.
In crypto since 2016 as a trader, he has also participated with crypto organizations in dissemination, translation or business intermediation work in the field of sport sponsorship.
More than ten years of experience in the telephone and telecommunications sector.
Managed large accounts at the regional level within one of the most recognized companies in the sector.
After this long experience, he created his own telecommunications company managing exports to multiple countries.
In addition to his degree as a historian, due to his passion for technology he has done several MOOCs, including computer security and programming.
Passionate about entrepreneurship and technology, he has managed his own online marketing company for years.
During these years he has developed a great knowledge in SEO and marketing.
In crypto since 2017 where he is a relevant actor in the Solana NFT community.
You can get in touch with us contacting the following twitter accounts: https://twitter.com/AcesBC https://twitter.com/Mr_camarilla https://twitter.com/Asocial202
The roadmap
Infographic version of the roadmap